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Stage Blood & Fake Blood For Halloween

Need some hyper-realistic fake blood for Halloween? Whether you are adding the killer detail to a latex wound or recreating a bloody massacre, Crazy Lenses, has an enormous range of cheap fake blood and professional stage blood from SFX brands such as Tinsley Transfers, Woochie, Paint Glow, Ben Nye, and Forum Novelties.

Designed to accurately simulate the real-life color, opacity, and texture of human blood, depending on the intended application there’s a choice of liquid, gel, powder, or capsulized fake blood. Our extensive range also incorporates blood-colored lipsticks, lip glosses, and nail polish.

The best stain-free fake blood

Specifically, looking for some non-staining fake blood? Cheap fake blood is often syrup-based which not only leaves a sticky mess, but also often results in color transfer and staining of the skin and clothes. To avoid this, use high-quality, quick-drying fake blood such as the Amazon-bestselling, PaintGlow Professional FX Blood, the Tinsley Transfers Red Drying Blood FX, or the Woochie FX Blood, all of which are syrup-free and specially formulated to prevent staining.

The best water-resistant fake blood

There’s nothing worse than fake blood that runs or smudge when wet. To avoid this, choose water-resistant fake blood such as the Tinsley Transfers Aqua Phobe Red Water Resistant Blood. With a hydrophobic formula, this blood won’t run, drip, smudge, or bleed into your makeup or onto clothes when splashed with water. Best of all, you can still achieve a stain-free removal with warm water and soap.