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Black out contact lenses are the ultimate black contact lenses. They completely cover your eye color and blend in with your pupil, leaving you with a large black eye that really stands out. Black out lenses give you an incredible look that is shocking and alien looking. They are perfect for gothic style as well zombie walks, vampire costumes and all kinds of fancy dress.

Blackout lenses are often used by performers to make their eyes stand out - they are definitely attention-grabbing! Artists such as Marilyn Manson have made black out contact lenses a fashion statement and they are a great way to instantly transform your look from everyday to really special. When you are buying black out contact lenses it is recommended that you buy the best quality lenses available. All blackout lenses have the same design but some cheaper black out contacts may not actually cover the whole of your iris. This ruins the effect and we suggest buying your blackout lenses from a reputable contact lens brand such as ColourVue, Funky Eyes or TerrorEyes - all of which produce excellent block out lenses.

If you like the idea of black out lenses but want something a little less shocking, why not try Big Eye contact lenses. These lenses have the same black-out design but use a hint of color to create a cuter manga-inspired look. The result is still attention grabbing but a little softer and prettier.