It came as no surprise that of all the natural colored lenses here on Crazy Lenses, that blue contacts are the most popular style.

Yep, in fact 46% of all natural colored purchases are for blue lenses!

Maybe the reason our range of blue contacts are so sought-after are because blue eyes are said to be the most desirable of all the eye colors.

Did you know, that when we are babies, we are most likely born with deep blue irises, but within a couple of weeks, the majority of babies’ eyes change color to brown, hazel or green.

People therefore associate blue eyes with the idea of “eternal youth” and we are physiologically attracted to people who have blue eyes. As well as appearing more attractive, people with blue eyes are said to have a calm and peaceful personality and look striking whatever your skin tone is.

If you want to experiment with your look and try blue eyes for yourself, then here’s our guide to blue contacts.

Best Blue Contacts For Brown Eyes

We discovered that from our customers who buy blue contacts, the majority of them have brown eyes.

It is important for them to feel beautiful and achieve a natural look when wearing blue contact lenses so if you have darker eyes, it’s best to choose a blue lense that is more opaque or has multiple tones.

Bestsellers include:

Blue Sapphire Three Tone Lenses 

Aqua Three Tone

Ice Blue Contact Lenses

Best Blue Contacts For Green or Grey Eyes

If you have a lighter natural eye color, then you will love some of our more natural blue lenses.

These one tone and light colored blues and aquas look gorgeous on people with green or grey eyes.

Blue Sapphire One Tone Lenses 

Blue One Tone Lenses

Blue Three tone lenses 

How To Put In Your Blue Lenses

As with any colored contact lens, it’s important that you keep your blue lenses clean and sanitary. That’s why we recommend our solution for any lenses that have a longer lifespan that one day.

Firstly, make sure you’ve washed your hands! Prepare your lenses by taking them out of the packaging. Place some solution in the contact lens case and then place the contact lenses with each dish - there’s one for Right and Left eye (but it doesn’t matter which contact lens goes in which!)

Watch our video on how to put your contact lenses in here:



Taking Care Of Your Blue Contacts


We have multiple lifespans for each contact lens, so whatever your lifestyle is you can find a lifespan to suit you.

If you have chosen a daily disposable blue contact lens, then after you’ve worn them - make sure you throw them out (and don’t fall asleep in them by accident!) If you have 90 day or longer lifespan lenses, ensure you have a full lens kit to keep them hygienic and safe to use.

Do not rinse them In water, it’s highly important that you only use contact lens solution for this.