This year, we’ve introduced the most exciting feature that Crazy Lenses has ever seen.. our very own, augmented reality virtual mirror! The virtual mirror is a way for you to try on all the contact lenses from our online store before you buy them!

We know it can be quite hard to decide between the huge choice of halloween and coloured contacts we have, but the virtual mirror is also a great way of trying our range of natural colour lenses to see what you’d look like with blue, green or jet black eyes!

The way the virtual mirror works is simple. You take a photo either using your selfie camera or by uploading a pic from your camera roll. The virtual mirror then locates your eyes and you’re able to swipe through our entire range of contact lenses to try them all out!

Once you’ve decided on all your favourite pairs, you can easily add them to cart and shop directly from the app.

Here's a video on how to use the virtual mirror: